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Headlines PhrasesNumber of
Total Numbers
of Letters
First Word Letter
First Moscow Mcdonald's Opens4255
Swine Flu Outbreak3165
Princess Diana Dies in Car Accident in Paris8378
Japan Hit By Tsunami4175
Martha Stewart is Sent to Prison6276
Prince Harry on Vegas Nude Romp6266
Nelson Mandela is Released From Prison6336
Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Affair With Nanny6386
Kristin Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson (Kristen)6377
First Test-Tube Baby is Born5235
First Concorde Takes Off From New York City8365
Tiananmen Square Protests Turn Bloody5339
Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima4267
German Teenager Flies Plane into Red Square7376
Madonna Adopts Child From Africa5287
Princess Kate Is Photographed Topless5338
Iraq Invades Kuwait3174
John Lennon Is Shot4164
Michael Jackson is Dead4207
The Pope Resigns3143
Bill Clinton Is Impeached4224
The First Clone, Dolly the Sheep, is Born8323
Mad Cow Disease Outbreak4213
East and West Germany Are Re-United6294
Rover Lands Safely On Mars5225
OJ Simpson is Acquitted of Murder6282
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split6285
Ricky Martin is Gay4165
Terrorist Attack On The Pentagon5289
Amy Winehouse Is Dead4183
Pope Benedict Resigns3194
Watergate-Nixon Resigns22114

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Headlines — 26 Comments

  1. Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson.
    There are not enough spaces to enter “Pattinson” correctly.
    I should have had a win.

  2. Currently the answer in the system/game is:

    Krist”i”n Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson

    Please be aware – I was robbed of winning my round for this – I know I spelled “Kristen” correctly, who knew the system/game had her name as Kristin – and I had a 2nd opportunity to solve and was quite peeved when I saw the RED “Solved Wrong” message

    Please do not let this happen to you!!

    • Thank you for the note, we have changed the database to match with the current answer in the game. However, we have placed a () to note that the “actual” spelling of her name is kristen. Sorry for your loss.

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