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  1. I updated my iPhone and since then my lucky wheel game won’t log in with my facebook I try logging in with email and password tells me I have to log in through facebook but when I push the button nothing HELP ME my friends want to play!!!!

  2. I recently deactivated my FB page so I am unable to log in using fb. But every time I try to log in without Facebook it says “Logging in with a password is not possible. Please log in using Facebook”. I even tried reactivating my FB account just so I can log into the game and it says “An error occurred with Facebook. Try again later” every time I try that… I love this game! Please tell me how to fix it!

  3. I uninstalled my lucky wheel for friends app because of a constant error. Now I can’t find it in the App Store to re install it

  4. I am always going first with rematches. Anyone know why? I also cant find the lucky wheel app for my husband to play. Its gone.

  5. My phone was acting up so I rebooted it but when I brought it back up, I lost all my coins and my past games. It completely started over and now I cannot even search for my two random friends Stacy B and Happy Face. If you guys are still out there, Iā€™m sorry. Please try to find me. [email protected]

  6. Stacy B or Happy Face, please contact me here. I have no way of contacting you guys again. My phone acted up and I lost all my means of communicating

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